mitwerken – by doers for doers

We at mitwerken are convinced that a lot of people out there don’t need a top expert for their odd job – just a skilled individual who is willing to help and roll up their sleeves. In short – a mitwerker. Germany is blessed with plenty of people who fit the bill – people with a passion for helping others and a talent for odd jobs of all kinds. Some do it for enjoyment, while others want to earn a little money on the side or tap a new source of income following the pandemic. That’s why we founded mitwerken.

We bring odd jobbers together with the people who need them. That’s why we’ve built an easy-to-use app featuring AI, cloud technology and the very best the internet has to offer. The app is quick, simple and focused on the essential features to keep entry hurdles to a minimum. And to avoid off-the-books, illicit work, we support entrepreneurs in registering their business and everything that goes along with it.

Meet the doers behind mitwerken

Christian Dietz

Christian (born in 1981) lives and works in Düren – in the heart of the Rheinisches Revier. He founded the digital and advertising agency NEUBLCK and also helped establish the dental start-up Zahnersatzplaner (together with Dr. Eric Herzog, Inden). He brings the required marketing, communications and design know-how to mitwerken. Christian is one of two Managing Directors at mitwerken.

Christoph Maichel

Christoph (born in 1977) is a serial entrepreneur and founder of companies and charitable organisations. Before he had even graduated, Christoph had already founded an association for supporting students during their first semesters. In contrast, the latest company he founded is now listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. After experiencing the structural changes in the greater Dortmund region first hand with his own family, supporting people, families and businesses has become a focus for Christoph. At mitwerken, he pours all his energy into developing the app and platform. Christoph is one of two Managing Directors at mitwerken.

Christoph Jakob

Christoph (born in 1975) is a tax advisor in his family-run audit and tax advisory firm with around 50 employees. During his degree in Witten an der Ruhr, Christoph studied the structural changes within the Ruhr region, and the former coal-mining areas in particular. After graduating, he lived and worked in Dortmund and Düsseldorf at the edge of the Rheinisches Revier for ten years. At mitwerken, he is primarily responsible for providing expert business support to contractors keen to establish a business.

Dirk Emminger

Dirk (born in 1976) lives in Würselen, in the west of the Rheinisches Revier. As a trained banker, sales specialist for banking software and passionate odd jobber, he brings a whole lot of business, IT and DIY expertise to the company.